About us

Mc Ardle Carpentry & Building Contractors Ltd
is managed by a dynamic and enthusiastic team whom between them have experience in all facets of the construction process. Our Management team deal with all clients directly as we believe communication and clarity to be the cornerstones behind the successful completion of projects.
Our team of skilled and experienced tradesmen have guaranteed the delivering of high quality work, on time and on budget with the result that we see repeat business from our clients time and time again.

"Experience is 
the key to

Arthur Williams


McArdle Carpentry and Building Contractors Ltd
have a vast array of experience across all spectrum's of the construction industry including New Builds, Home Extensions, Home Renovations, Commercial Buildings and Housing developments. In addition to this we have also completed numerous public and private projects with various schools across the region.

"Great things in business are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people"

Steve Jobs

Our Team

We understand that bringing workers into your home can be a disruptive and sometimes nerve-racking experience.

At McArdles aim to put you at ease from the very first encounter. We aim to provide competitive quotes on all of the works for which we are invited to tender.

At McArdles we are aware that price is only one aspect of the job. In addition to affordable pricing, McArdle Carpentry & Building Contractors Ltd strives to deliver a superior standard to that of our competitors while also completing the works in a efficient and timely manner.

We aim to get you back to enjoying the comforts of your home as quickly as possible.